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who icons the watchmen?

icons dedicated to the watchmen fandom.
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do you watch?
watchmenicons is a livejournal community made for graphic artists to place their creations from the Watchmen fandom. All veins of the fandom are welcome. (Graphic novel, movie, fanart, cast, etc.) All other graphics are welcome.

While you are in this community, please remember the following:
- You may only post three icon previews. All other icons must be kept beneath an lj-cut, or in a seperate link to your icon journal/community.
- Other graphics are welcome, but all previews must be keep no larger than 400 pixels.
- This community is not for bashing or flaming of any kind, if you have a problem with an icon maker and/or their work, take it to PMs, we are not here to control your pointless e-fights.
- If you would like to affiliate click here.

beginattheend, the creator, we_watch
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